Questions on TARA KLamp

1Where can I purchase TARA KLamp?
Answer: From Tara Medic Corporation Sdn. Bhd.
2Is TARA KLamp APPROVED by Islamic bodies?
Answer: TARA KLamp is approved by Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah.
3Can anyone perform the procedure?
Answer: No, only by trained circumcisers.
4What is Circumcision?
Answer: Circumcision involves the removal of the foreskin of the male.
5Is it painful?
Answer: No, at least local anesthesia is used.
6Why choose TARA KLamp?
Answer: TARA KLampis the first disposal circumcision device based on Non-Invasive surgical technique.
7How does TARA KLamp work?
Answer: It involves clamping the foreskin after local anesthesia has been applied, and the tissue that is distal to the occlusion is then cut off. Healing then proceeds, and the proximal level of occlusion without fear of bleeding or oozing and without the use of sutures, bandages and daily cleansing.
8What are the benefits of using TARA KLamp?
Answer: It enables circumcision to be performed without the need of surgical theaters and can be done anywhere, even out there in the bush or road side without fear of infection.
9Is TARA KLamp Patented?
Answer: Yes, patent's granted in many countries.
10Is using TARA KLamp hygienic?
Answer: Yes, it prevents infection during surgery and in the post-surgical period.
11How does TARA KLamp reduce/prevent HIV?
Answer: The main course of HIV infection is through unhygienic intercourse.TARA KLamp enables accurate removal of the inner foreskin as per requirements of WHO (World Health Organization).
12What are the reasons to conduct circumcision? Is it a must? Necessity? Religious?
Answer: Circumcision is performed for various reasons, which could be cultural, religion or hygienic reasons.
13Are there any possibilities of infection after using TARA KLamp?
Answer: TARA KLamp prevents infection of the foreskin as there are no open wounds exposed to elements/environment. It also prevents infection post-surgery as the wound is kept closed as required by the technology of principles of TARA KLamp.
14How long does it take to completely heal after the surgery?
Answer: On the average, 9-14 days.
15Is it safe to conduct circumcision using TARA KLamp?
16What is the earliest age to do circumcision?
Answer: TARA KLamp can be used on infants and all age groups.
17Cosmetic appearance using TARA KLamp?
Answer: It enables a neat even cut without stitch marks, and other disfiguring result’s associated with other methods.
18Does infant circumcision carry any risk?
Answer: No risk at all.
19What evidence supports TARA KLamp?
Answer: We have studies both anecdotal and evidence based. This confirms the safety of TARA KLamp.
20Is TARA KLamp WHO-approved?
Answer: This is being pursued.
21Is TARA KLamp listed under UMDNS?
Answer: Yes, UMDNS (10-869), TARA KLamp is the only circumcision device located under the UMDNS.
22How does TARA KLamp outstand the rest (competitors)?
Answer: TARA KLamp is the first device that conforms to the requirements of non invasive surgery as outlined by the inventor.
23What is the recovery time for TARA KLamp, and when can I go back to work?
Answer: Immediately after the circumcision, one may return back to work, while healing is progressing as the clamp is left on.